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Experience a unique Instant Mass Healing™ powered by pure truth! 

Introduction to Lymphology and why it is the Key to your health & energy.

Most people still don't know the lymph vessels even exist.  We guarantee to teach you their connection to how the cells work, what causes them not to work and what you have to do to get the cells to work again — the cause of every disease on the face of the earth and the secrets to the healing processes, with some live demos of Power Heal™ & High Speed Relief™ techniques.  Cellular physiology is the basis of all physiology!

Our goal is to take you out of the medical dark ages by teaching you the fundamentals of what Medical Doctors spend 10 years and hundreds of thousands of dollars missing - within this one event!  What is that worth to you and your loved ones?

More clearly understand every regenerative and degenerative process, including inflammation & water retention, ph balance, free radicals, super anti-oxidant enzymes, excess sodium & high blood pressure.

For those who can actually see auras, have you ever seen an entire audience instantly light up like a light bulb as their endocrine glands (chakras) are all turned on at the same time, instantly aligning their neck and hips while sending energy to every organ and every part of their body?

By divine design, our bodies hold the power to heal themselves.  Come and discover “hidden treasures of knowledge” where absolute truths are converted to experience and wisdom - the priceless research which lays the scientific foundation of all the healing arts and all personal development.

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