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Zero Disease with Lymphology - A fundamental paradigm shift out of the Medical Dark Ages! Race For The Truth - Truth In Action - Activate Your Lymph Flow! Fun, Simple & Easy Weight Loss!
The Laws of Empowerment - Transcending Limitations with World Peace and Prosperity! Discover Power meditative prayer - Discover Your Power Plants - The Series - Experience the most powerful healing method in the world! Chakras - Endocrine Glands!
Certified Lymphology University - CLU events - Self healing training program! Power Heal through Zero Disease! Become a Lymphologist!

Transcending Limitations with World Peace and Prosperity! 
Turning Life's Bummers Into Woo-Hoo's! 

Understanding empowerment vs dis-empowerment, integration vs disintegration is at the core of understanding the Tree of Life and Tree of Death!

Learn our Secrets behind the Secret Law of Attraction!

More clearly understand the mechanisms behind shifting issues, such as:
Hate, Fear, Stress, ABUSE, Poverty and Slavery.

The Laws of Empowerment this is nothing short of a Michael the Archangel training, if there ever was one!
Armies are being gathered on both sides, light and dark.

This lecture series, new book, and multi-media (audio/video) program is designed to transcend abuse in every aspect of our lives, with love and understanding.

Know anyone who's been abused, in any way?  Or anyone who suffers with depression?
This introductory class is a must for you and them!

Have you ever heard, "Teach them correct principles and let them govern themselves?"
The problem is, people can not govern themselves, unless they are taught the correct principles.

Learn how all the natural laws actually do work with LOVE, and influence the life process of your cells!
Every single day, we all make choices that are connected to universal principles just like love vs hate!
Learn the universal laws that supercede race, religion or nationality, which we all must learn to live by!!!

Even the most elite spiritual mastry & psychology guru's will experience amazing breakthroughs with this program!
This program is recommended to leaders at every level, as it is a leadership training unlike any other!
And many extrordinary future leaders and empowerers will be born with the help of this program.

Cracking the Code for World Peace has been a main life-long focus of both Stephen and his father.
We can hope and dream about peace from now until doom's day, but without understanding the process, it will most likely evade you wisdom hides herself!

We have included a wide range of payment options which shows that no one is turned away.
If you're financially challenged, simply forget about what you can't do and focus on what you can do.

NOTICE the Zero Disease class is a pre-requisite to this program, so it is automatically included with this package.  Please be honest with your offering and enjoy!  The first two episodes of this program are now live and you will need to check back often to see the future episodes we add to the membership area.

About 16 hours have been scripted for this program.  But it's not just that, it's the empowerment.

REMEMBER, this empowerment is for World Peace and Prosperity, what is that worth to you?

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