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Would you like to book Stephen Ezra West on your radio show?

Starting in 1993, Stephen began doing radio shows with his world famous father, Dr. C. Samuel West.  They were a very powerful father and son team as Stephen would explain the science behind the healing processes in simple and understandable terms, then Samuel would win over the listeners with his passion and enthusiasm.  It wasn't long before they were booked with several shows each week from coast to coast.  We guarantee what we're teaching is the truth whatever the listeners do with the truth from there is totally up to them.

Knowledge = Power = Responsibility.

Since we are teaching the scientific foundation of all healing arts and all personal development, shows can be easily personalized for any health topic or any listening audience.

Hosting a Radio Show in Your Area? 

We are planning several shows
from coast to coast and around the globe.
Perhaps we can help you organize a show for your listeners.

Contact us for questions


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