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Truth In Action! 
"And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free." 

Combat high blood pressure, cancer, and obesity
with your healthy negative, or sub pressure lymphatic system!

Heart Disease, a high pressure blow out, has been the #1 Killer,
killing 1 out of 2 men and women for decades.

Obesity, another high pressure blow out, is almost tied with Cancer,
yet another high pressure blow out, as the #2 killer and it's a form of lymphedema.

Don't just exercise, Lymphacise!

Experience sending energy to every cell, organ and every part of your body.
Discover how to have fun transforming your body with simple and easy options.

Your lymphatic system is the key to your immune system!  Every ...‘itis' is inflamation and every ...‘oma' is to swell.  You can do fun and easy things to make a difference!  0xygen = Power!

Depression?  It's an inflammatory disorder!  High pressure blow out!

Race for the truth, not a myth, not a drug, not insanity, not an impossible magic bullet illusion of cure!

Do you feel sick & tired of pain, obesity & dis-ease?  Come experience & feel the amazing difference.

You can relieve pain, obesity & disease!  These events target obesity and many other health issues using simple and effective truths and methods based on those truths.  These truths are not widely understood - and now they can be as you become actively involved through this movement.  We are spreading awareness and giving people first hand expierience unlike any other.

Because of the principles of Sub Pressure Esthetics™, our system is time tested and proven to be one of the most effective methods for weight loss - lose fat, water weight or fluid retention!

Would you like to see you and your family accomplish true high performance living?  What if you and your family could experience a marathon, only to have more energy and feel even better than you did when you first started?  What if you could even feel envigorated utilizing simple and easy methods?

We will demonstrate fun and simple methods of activating the life proccesses in every single part of the body, which cost nothing to actually apply.  Turn on your chakras - your endocrine glands!  Learn the truth about cause & prevention — fun and simple secrets to the healing processes.  You can experience a healing marathon!

When done right, bouncing / rebounding / lymphasizing, produces a safe, healthy and natural high.  "Jump for joy!" Use fun bouncing to stimluate and energize every cell in every part of your body.  How's that for stress relief?

This is a powerful add on for anyone who's already healthy, and of course those who have health challenges, and especially for those needing manual lymphatic massage, drainage, or treatment.  (We also recommend the Power Heal™ workshop for you, to learn additional self-help techniques that target edema!)

Learn our Secrets to put the Law of Attraction on steroids!

Bring a mini-trampoline or body ball to bounce on, if possible.  Please let us know if you would like our help in having a lymphasizer / rebounder / mini-trampoline ready for you at this event as this experience will make yours priceless.

If the weather is good enough, this event may be held in a natural outdoor setting.

For those who are ready for more extreme performance, a version of this event is also available using Jumping Stilts - which can also be used to promote other events.

Join the Race For The Truth Facebook Group to stay informed about when and where our events are held.

Organizing Events in Your Area? 

We are planning several events
from coast to coast and are interested in your city.
Let us know if you'd like to organize an event at your center.


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