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Training Workshops and Classes

Due to the nature of the techniques taught through this event, note the disclaimer below.  Also see prerequisite info below.

This event schedules usually all day - such as from 9am-5pm or 10am-6pm, with a break for lunch.
We can also personalize the schedule to best match the group's schedule.

This is a hands on training workshop designed to teach many self help techniques developed by Clarity University.  Live demonstrations are a powerful method of experiencing the typical results with this particular system for yourself.  Without any guarantee of cure, techniques are taught which target every single part of the body including:

  • respiratory system - deep breathing techniques
    • Walker West Walk
    • Singing Breath
  • pain relief techniques - sometimes instantaneous
    • smashed, burned, cut & cut off fingers
    • sore arms & legs
    • neck pain
    • migraine prevention & relief
    • back pain relief
    • sciatic
    • arthritis pain relief - every "....itis" means "inflammation"
  • muscles
    • when muscles shut off, they also contract
    • pulling the bones out of place
    • contributing to high blood pressure
    • and other muscle problems
  • broken bones
  • Joints
    • hips
    • knees
    • ankles
    • shoulders
    • fingers & other joints
  • spinal methods include: Spine Escalator & Spine Elevator™ methods
  • cancer - "tumor" means "to swell" - remove the swelling and food (fermented glucose) cancer cells live on
  • blood vessels - heart & cardiovascular disease
    • relief from high blood pressure
      • relax muscles around the arteries and veins to relieve hypertension
      • unlock the capillary flow to reduce 'back pressure' on the cardiovascular system
      • create the healthy subpressure environment of the cells to further take pressure off of the blood vessels directly
  • more on vascular systems
    • your lymphatic system is your immune system (your other circulatory system)
    • edema & obesity (a form of lymphedema)
    • light years ahead of manual lymphatic drainage therapy
    • activate your lymphatic vessels - clearing swollen lymph nodes & glands
  • stress prevention & relief
  • head injuries - mind & memory - nervous system
  • eyes
  • understanding allergies
  • understanding leaky gut syndrome
  • hernias
  • hiatal hernias
  • more on other internal organs

  • Additional Technique For Lifetime Students ONLY:
    • Instant Health Data Transfer™, aka Jedi Mind Healing™ method - Learn how to subconsciously transfer a massive amount of data in just a moment through the eyes of your loved ones for general health benefits.  Experience our proven 100% successful process for this subconscious communication method - Only available LIVE!  (Dr. West uses this information to perform the Instant Mass Healing™ demonstration at the introductory events!)
      • endocrine glands or chakras
      • hormone balance
      • energy levels
      • clarity of thought

      • Money Back Guarantee: You will easily perform this technique and witness LIVE INSTANT results, if you follow our simple instructions.
Add some new options to your arsenal!  Options = Freedom!  Knowledge = Power!

Medical Doctors spend hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical school and they still aren't taught the safe methods that are demonstrated at this event.  We basically set up a spiritual healing retreat centers everywhere we go for the duration of these events - a seminar like no other.  Conquer your fear and build up your self confidence and self esteem while you learn these fun and simple methods.

You will walk away with new experience every time you participate.

Participation By Qualification Only:

Prerequisite for those who plan to attend the Race For The Truth and/or especially the CLU event, we require them to have at least a good introduction and this also applies to family members which our current students may bring.

You may satisfy this requirement using one or more of the following methods:

1 - Listen to this audio:  "From The Medical Dark Ages To Zero Disease", also available above.

2 - Read the "Introduction To The Science of Lymphology"

3 - Experiencing the Zero Disease class, either live or online.

All of these add both clarity & simplicity.

The overall experience for everyone attending this event is enhanced when we follow the basic principles of preparedness.

Join the Zero Disease and Race For The Truth facebook groups to stay informed about when and where our events are held.

Holding Seminars in Your Area? 

We are planning several events
from coast to coast and around various parts of the world.
Let us know if you'd like to help us organize an event in your area.

Other qualified instructors may also have events listed here.
Contact us for questions.


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