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Prayerful Meditation Healing Event 


This is usually a live performance, and can also be a pre-recorded session, especially when it's not presented in front of a live audience (virtual audiences). Even if you listen to a portion of an audio series called, “Discover Your Power Plants - The Series”, you will experience this most powerful healing technology.  You can also choose to order the series and use it wherever and whenever you like.

Oxygen = Power!  See what you and your loved ones can do to constantly create an abundance of POWER for your body cells every day - FREE.  Conquer pain & disease in the comfort of your home with methods which are FREE to actually apply.

— Content targets:
• Immunity
• Power Stem Cell™
• Prenatal Empowerment™ - aka Power Plant Babies (pre-birth)
• Mind & Memory
• Metabolism
• Weight loss
• Body Building (Muscle Size & Strength), and
• Perpetual Programming Commands.

Learn the science behind the "Chakras" - what the Chinese call "The Seven Houses" - Your POWER PLANTS!  Access the most powerful pharmacy in the world - yours!  Learn how it's possible to send energy to every organ and every part of your body - INSTANTLY!  All of this is possible and more, when you turn on your endocrine glands:

Pineal, pituitary, thyroids, thymus, adrenals, pancreas, and reproductive glands.

Learn about their connections with Hormone Balance, Blood Sugar, Master Cells and so much more!

Your endocrine glands are your personal hormone factory, which in turn are associated with your feelings.  They are also responsible for balancing and keeping track of millions of other biological processes inside of your body every second.  As your “Power Plants” are turned on, they send energy to every organ and every part of your body!

PRICELESS!  'Discover Your Power Plants - The Series' is available online - TAKE ADVANTAGE OF SPECIAL OFFERS TO SAMPLE IT LIVE AT THIS EVENT!

Each event is a pre-requisite for each following event in our series.

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