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The Laws of Empowerment - Transcending Limitations with World Peace and Prosperity! Discover Power meditative prayer - Discover Your Power Plants - The Series - Experience the most powerful healing method in the world! Chakras - Endocrine Glands!
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Prayerful Meditation Healing - 30-40 Minute Event 
#1 BEST BIOHACKING TECHNIQUE! Fountain of Youth! Pro Youth! Anti-aging! 

This highly guided and advanced prayerful meditation offers unique empowerment on many levels!
Enlighten your soul and your 'chakras' (Endocrine Glands). Regenerate with the glands responsible for each development phase a pre-natal baby goes through! Two major KEYS to healing - #1 balance hormones and #2 send energy into every part of the body from head to toe.

Oxygen = Power!  See what you and your loved ones can do to constantly create an abundance of POWER for your body cells every day - FREE.  Conquer pain & disease in the comfort of your home with methods which are FREE to actually apply.

— Content targets:
• Immunity
• Power Stem Cell™— #1 Genetic Self-Help Solution! No surgery or surgical needles! 
• Prenatal Empowerment™ — aka Power Plant Babies (pre-birth)
• Mind & Memory
• Metabolism
• Weight loss
• Body Building (Muscle Size & Strength), and
• Perpetual Programming Commands — unique and advanced spiritual psychology

Experience advanced applied science behind the "Chakras" - what the Chinese call "The Seven Houses" - Your POWER PLANTS!  Access the most powerful pharmacy in the world - yours!

Learn how it's possible to send energy to every organ and every part of your body - INSTANTLY!  All of this is possible and more, when you turn on your endocrine glands: Pineal, pituitary, thyroids, thymus, adrenals, pancreas, and reproductive glands.

Learn about their connections with Hormone Balance, Blood Sugar, Master Cells and so much more!

Your endocrine system is your personal hormone factory, which in turn are associated with your feelings.  They are also responsible for balancing and keeping track of millions of other biological processes inside of your body every second.  As your “Power Plants” are turned on, they send energy to every organ and every part of your body!

Discover Your Power Plants - The Series is a two hour audio series providing more experience with this amazing technology, and is also included in the Applied Lymphology Course.


Can be infused with Blessing of the Creation Sequence™ as a bonus – extra 10 minutes.
Quantum universal healing activation — for everyone and everything.
The #1 Very Best Biohacking! Eternal Life! Immortality! Divine Blueprint! Dr Ez! 
Experience this live for an amazing spiritual journey!
Your Electrical Generators! Activate Adult Stem Cells! Power of Intention! Love! Charity! Faith! 
A priceless experience!

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Organizing Empowerment Your Area? 
Can YOU Cure? Only you can answer!
Prostate & Testes and Uterus & Ovaries are Power Plants!
We are interested in the empowerment of your city.
We are busy with event planning, internationally, all over the world.
Ask us about organizing this empowerment at your healing center.
Booking Keynote Speaker, Dr. Stephen Ezra West, at your venue!!
Purity of Consciousness, Emotional & Spirit! Stress Relief!
Pure Love! Pure Charity! Pure Faith! Prevention!
Stop & eliminate depression and pain!
Inflammatory disorders!

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